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three lemon chellos

I broke my own lemon chello drinking record on Friday night. Normally I can't even face even one shot of the now-obligatory-free-drink-that-comes-with-the-bill at our lovely local Italian restaurant but this Friday was a what-the-hell sort of Friday so I knocked back the first shot and it tasted rather fine. So then when they brought another one I knocked that back and then I drank Ian's as well.

My worry is that of course the lemon chello makers of Italy, who have been given their produce away so freely over the last few years, will now see a market and more of the sticky stuff will pour into Britain creating a lemon chello lake.... and I will then be obliged to drink more of it and subsequently feel like I did yesterday morning.... and I felt pretty bleedin' terrible yesterday morning. Thankfully the hangover didn't last and I recovered fully while watching the rather lovely Superman Returns. Am now wondering if, as we now all call Spiderman "Spidey" whether we can get away with calling Superman "Supey"...


Brian Sibley said…
If there IS eventually a lemoncello lake, then here's a useful alternative recipe for you:

Add 1-2 ounces Gioia Luisa Lemoncello to hot or iced tea and enjoy!

Well, maybe...

More lemoncello recipes at:

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