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it's flying ant week!

Last year it was last week (if you know what I mean) and the worst day was the 13th of July. Yesterday the street and my car were covered in them. By the weekend they will have all gone - but where exactly do they go? I should search the web to look for the answer to this but I am going to have lunch instead.


David Weeks said…
They go back to work ~ undergound.

It is their annual outing or, 'Flyaway Day' to give it its proper name. they all have a picnic, exchange the latest buzz, wander about just like humans on a promenade, and then they go home.

Ants generally live in little holes in the ground or in hills, but then they can be removed rather easily by knocking down the hill which is why they are called termites (easy to terminate)

Flying ants like flying aunts only visit rarely and then for short periods.

I hope this helps.

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