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cat kit

Not having had a new cat for over a decade I had forgotten how much kit they need. New bowls, beds, grooming equipment adorn my house but best of all is their own special stick of catnip dynamite...


They're here. The one on the left has named himself - Zebedee - because he goes boing. Not sure about the other one yet...

more names

Two more suggestions just in today which I can't use but I liked them so much I thought I'd blog 'em.

Baruch and Balthamos - the Angels in His Dark Materials
Search and Destroy...

naming convention

After a weekend of indecision I am now going to get two kittens because the brother of the (as yet nameless) chap below is equally irresistible. Currently their names are Titus and Theo but I am considering renaming them from the list below unless anybody else comes up with a better idea...Eric and Ernie
Mungo and Jerry
Gilbert and George
Ben and Jerry
Bill and Ben
Derry and Toms
Hamlet and Horatio
Hengist and Horsa (or is it Hausa?)
Jeeves and Wooster
Frankie and Dino
Demetrius and Lysander (too posh perhaps?)
Butch and Sundance
Stan and Ollie
Rodgers and Hammerstein
Cheech and Chong
Nelson and Walter Gabriel
Waldorf and Stadtler
Fred and Barney
Dweezil and Moonunit
Oscar and Bosie or Oscar and Felix
Jules and Sandy...I would have Arding and Hobbs bit I've used those names before...

for I will consider my cat...

Jeoffry? Tiger? Tigger? Dylan? Zozo II? Henry? I have two weeks to decide what this perfect little person's name is to be. All suggestions welcome.


Didn't want to miss the drama about Robert Maxwell last night and all the papers were saying how closely David Suchet looked like the monster but, as Brian pointed out about five minutes in, Suchet bore a rather closer resemblance to a Munster!