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I'd rather spend time with my friends than viewing their blogs but, since some of them are so far away, this medium (Is the Blogosphere a New Medium? Discuss) is a genuinely new way of keeping in touch... or at least keeping in touch with the public er... parts of their personalities. Alice and Cory have always been out there and they even make money out of theirs. Jamie's blog has been around for some time and while he doesn't make money out of the blog (as far as I know) he has written a book about blogging which is the next best thing. I would buy it, but I am secretly hoping for a free copy.

Brian, David and Irascible Ian are all more recent arrivals at the Blogging Ball but just look at all the stuff they have published. All these thoughts, stories, pictures - if we had dinner every week for a year we'd still never cover all this. But today, on a wet and humid afternoon, I have had some time to look around and it's been so much better than passing the time watching telly, or listening to Any Answers, or cleaning out the freezer (which is what I really should be doing).

And I'm listening to Lowell George singing I Can't Stand The Rain and thinking that in fact I Really Can.


Ian said…
Blogging really encourages procrastination and is proving even more addictive than Big Brother. How scary is that?

It's very easy to fall into the following pattern:
Should I do some real work or blog?

I think I'll blog.

Should I do my VAT return or blog?

I think I'll blog.

Should I clean the windows or blog?

I think I'll blog.

Well you get the picture.
Brian Sibley said…
Talking of blogs...

I like the addition of the duck --- or small, red-blue-green-and-yellow-bird-thing...

Did you rear it from an egg?

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