Sunday, June 17, 2007

daily wail

A fixed point in our ever-changing world is the editorial stance of The Mail. There is no news story so mighty or so insignificant that it cannot threaten, in however tenuous a way, the house prices of Middle England. Today it is something to do with schools, but it could just as well be global warming, terrorism, immigration, orcs, drugs, lefties - it really doesn't matter because whatever happens in the world all Mail readers seem to want to know is whether or not it will have an impact on the value of their gracious homes.

My gracious home currently has an outbreak of damp and ants so, rather than deal with these things I have spent the afternoon flickering on flickr, facebooking on facebook, blogging here and listening to the Isley Brothers. When indeed will there be a Harvest for the World and, if there is one, what will it mean for house prices..?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

encounter with orcs

Highly memorable Monday at Lord of the Rings - The Musical. As usual I had too much white wine in the interval and had to nip to the loo half way through Part Two only to be chased through the foyer by a bunch of rather short orcs. As I sought refuge in the ladies a rather smart animal-print clad woman emerged to be confronted by growling orcs waving swords. She took one look at them and told them to piss off... If only Gandalf and the crew had done that earlier the whole thing would have been over much much sooner...