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naming convention

After a weekend of indecision I am now going to get two kittens because the brother of the (as yet nameless) chap below is equally irresistible. Currently their names are Titus and Theo but I am considering renaming them from the list below unless anybody else comes up with a better idea...

Eric and Ernie
Mungo and Jerry
Gilbert and George
Ben and Jerry
Bill and Ben
Derry and Toms
Hamlet and Horatio
Hengist and Horsa (or is it Hausa?)
Jeeves and Wooster
Frankie and Dino
Demetrius and Lysander (too posh perhaps?)
Butch and Sundance
Stan and Ollie
Rodgers and Hammerstein
Cheech and Chong
Nelson and Walter Gabriel
Waldorf and Stadtler
Fred and Barney
Dweezil and Moonunit
Oscar and Bosie or Oscar and Felix
Jules and Sandy...

I would have Arding and Hobbs bit I've used those names before...


Brian Sibley said…
If you go musical, then Rogers & Hart (rather than Hammerstein) or Lerner and Loewe...

Or Gilbert & Sullivan...

Or (back to TSE) Macavity & Mistoffelees!

Or (from 'Diary of a Nobody') Cummings & Gowing...

Or (if they turn out to be gay) Jack and Ennis...
Alice said…
Ooh I do like romanesque namings. Titus is great. Cattus Maximus! You naughty thing! Etc.

I'm also fond of naughty religious names. Satan was the best-named cat I ever met. Lucifer, Beelzebub (bub for short!), Mephistopheles, Belial, Ariel.. howza, there's even a whole site of angel names:
Love it.

Unknown said…
They're a bit too cute for satanic names although I do quite like the idea of conjuring up mephistopheles in the middle of the night!

Will check out the angel thing...
Anonymous said…
I once knew a pair of lurchers called Gustav and Mahler - a bit Germanic for my taste though.

Eric and Ernie are good names, but we know another pair of cats with the same moniker. You can always tell which is which (because Ernie wears the glasses).

I always liked Wilbur and Orville (after the Wright bros) - but would calling a cat Orville upset it psychologically because of the yellow bird?

Is Flanders and Swann too recherchez?

Anonymous said…
What about:

Terry and Thomas

Unknown said…
ooohhh... flanders and swann. That's a serious contender.

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