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day 4 in the big blogger house

i really want to watch it... i know if i start watching it then the next thirteen weeks of my life will be a write off.... perhaps if i stay up here in the study until after 10pm then i will be able to overcome the urge and find more improving ways of spending my time... but i could just go downstairs now... and switch on channel 4....

the day of Rockoning

We did watch it and a bunch of ugly trolls from Finland, called Lordi, won with a fabulous affirmation of everything a Eurovision Song Contest Winner should be - meaningless English lyrics set to a completely forgettable tune. Even though I heard it twice last night I can't remember how it goes... Today we are listening to Bruce Springsteen ("Oh Mary Don't You Weep No More"). I wonder if anyone ever calls him Brucie?

it's still raining outside

it's raining outside Originally uploaded by polkadotsoph . so we are inside listening to the Pet Shop Boys and wondering whether to watch the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. "Mesdames et Monsieurs - Royaume Uni nul points". That's how it should be. Also discovered that there's another blogger called polkadots and moonbeams - serves me right for setting this up in the middle of the night after a long day and half a bottle of merlot. Hey ho, It's done now... and it is a great song.

no comment

It's way past my bedtime, I've spent most of the day on motorways to and from Birmingham and I have a miilion things to do tomorrow but I might as well start my blog tonight. Brian thinks it's a good idea. Fred thinks blogs are for sad and wretched individuals who have nothing better to do with their sad and wretched lives. So I am starting my blog. I'm listening to Counting Crows and it's raining.