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christmas presents from afar

Father Christmas-shaped Japanese rice crackers.... I can't quite bring myself to eat them...

difficult decisions

Am noodling around on here (ooooohhh slideshow is cool) while I watch the US election coverage on telly. Jon Sopel seems to have found a coffee called Obama-chino in Virginia. Can't decide whether to go to bed now and wake up early to hear the historic result... or do I stay up and see the first results... or do I go to bed and listen to it on the radio all night but then I won't get any sleep and I have an early start at work tomorrow... Maybe I should run a poll? This is a Big Night.

august. raindrops on roses

Next month... whiskers on kittens.

the most expensive light bulb in the world

This light bulb is costing more than fifty thousand pounds to replace. About a year ago it popped. I replaced it and the new one popped too, taking downstairs' electricity with it. So I replaced it and rang The Electrician. After a couple of hours in the cellar and under the hall floorboards The Electrician pointed out that I had Damp... enough Damp to fuse all the lights and present a small element of Danger . The Electrician disconnected the offending light fitting and told me to get a plumber. So a couple of weeks later The Plumber came and moved the washing machine to find so much Damp he couldn't get the machine back into its slot. He also found some dry rot, disconnected further electrical fittings and said that he had done all he could "in the circumstances" ... So The Architect came and said "the best thing to do is pull it all down and start again". The Surveyor agreed. And so The Project has begun...

bless the weather

The loooooonnnnggg drive back in the storms from Devon yesterday was lifted by a series of rainbows across the Salisbury plains... I'm pretty sure my car was right in the centre of the pot of gold at several points but sadly I am no richer.

bloggable baby

Mazel Tov to the Taylor Doctorow household for introducing Poesy Emmeline Fibonnacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow to the whole wide world. Such a big name for such a very tiny and adorable person. I found this out when I got into work on Monday and it brought on one of those internet moments... Poesy was just a few hours old before everyone could see her, share the news, show other friends, comment, congratulate, say "aaaaahhhhhh"... and her picture will be there forever and ever. Methinks she might be the most-blogged-about-baby around. Life is good.

x marks the spot

Not sure if this Venetian graffiti is actually graffiti... or whether it's a very obscure and artsy ad for some sort of aspirin... either way it was a cut above the rest. My 2008 New Year's Resolution is not to buy the Sunday papers - three Sundays in and I find I have much more time on my hands (hence this blog) and considerably less rubbish to recycle but I have a vague feeling I am missing something. Must. Be. Strong.