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playing with apps and pictures of cats...

I can't draw... plus I don't think there are pencils in the house any more so I have been playing with some photos and the PhotoSketcher app and these are the results. Who needs to draw now eh?
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worrying about mrs patmore's glasses...

Great that Downton's back on Sundays with all its glorious anachronisms and incredible plot twists but one thing is bothering me... Where are Mrs Patmore's specs? Are they lost? Is she perhaps wearing early contacts? Or was laser surgery available earlier than I thought? If there is an outbreak of food poisoning we will know why... And today I am listening to Sting's new album, The Last Ship .

using face recognition ain't all that... yet

Faces in iPhoto is suggesting that these goats are people I know. Come to think of it some of them do look familiar...

uncovering old lath and plaster

This morning this was a blue-painted wall which collapsed in less than two minutes in two almighty thumps revealing all this lovely lath and plaster work. This surely hasn't been seen since 1879 when the house was built and is a rather beautiful piece of handiwork. Sadly it will all be stripped out and replaced tomorrow with something less interesting and which probably won't last nearly as long.... but I am reliably told it has to be done. And me and the builder are listening mainly to The Silver Seas.

welcome back old friend

On the bus on the way home tonight I noticed they have finished the lights on Albert Bridge. Wonderful. It really does feel like seeing a dear friend who has been away for too long. Plus the good news is that my journey to work will be halved once he is back in full working order.

building human castles

Back from Tarragona and this year's fabulous Santa Tecla fiesta. Five days filled with fireworks, giants, dragons, drums, dancing and tiny tiny children ascending the human castles into the sky in defiance of every Health and Safety Act ever passed. All very marvellous and moving and for once my hair didn't catch fire. The Catalans really really know how to enjoy themselves. I should invite them all to Battersea to show us how it's done.

wordling a dull document

So I decided to wordle it to see if the emphasis is right!! Anyone who has worked with me before will recognise some familiar themes... Wordle is just one of the internet's great gifts to us all - that Mr Feinberg is a genius. Now back to the writing. Oh... And today I'm listening to the Volcano Choir.