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macaroons Originally uploaded by polkadotsoph Is it possible to say the word "macaroon" without sounding like Alan Bennett..??

"omg cbb !!!"

brilliant... brilliant... brilliant. Haven't watched one minute of this year's BB and then tonight I stumbled across Nikki and Chantelle embracing and forgiving each other for er ...whatever... and I am already hooked. Who cares about the rubbish weather when we have McCririck, Preston, Nadia, Coolio, Nikki and an alarmingly skinny Ulrika all trying to be natural and nice to each other. Fantastic. All we are missing is Jackie... yeah... Jackie.

strange encounter

Walking on Dartmoor the other day I met this lovely person - reminds me of a great aunt I once knew...

why oh why

...does it always rain on bank holiday weekends?