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i shall definitely buy Dove products 'cos of this...

Mildly Diverting pointed this out to me today (in true Mildly Diverting manner) and, as ads go, it's mustard. Unlike the Budweiser ad mentioned elsewhere in this little blogiverse, this ad is aimed at me! Woo!


David Weeks said…
What a amazing Ad.
It says everything, visually, without the need for any comment.

What a world we have created ~ guaranteed to make most of the population feel dissatisfied with the way each of us appears.

Mind you, as a magician, I just love the idea that the images we see, as if real people, simply do not exist. Its all a combination of cosmetics and computer crafting ~ fantastical!
kim said…
Really? I'm interested that you get such a positive vibe from it about the soap product. It's good soap, but... you know. It's not going to change the world.

It makes me... hmn, probably not buy soap, but probably finally get round to reading the Natasha Walter book on feminism that's been sitting on my to read pile for the last six months, waiting for a day I feel worthier than I actually am.

I think, however, it's something to do with having seen a talk by the creative behind the campaign. You know that they believe it presently, but only for as long as they see their brand profile going up in their target demographic...

I slightly resent the cluetrain manifesto, and the 'new honesty' in advertising. It's diluted plain speech with commercial messages. Where's the opositional position if honesty gets taken away?
polkadotsoph said…
Honesty was taken away a Very Long Time ago in advertising... Campaigns like this won't ever bring it back BUT, unlike those awful Benetton ads which used messages about racial harmony/world peace etc to promote fluffy jumpers, this is an ad for cosmetic products which puts itself in context. It won't change the world... it probably won't even do what it says on the tin... but it says something simple in a clever way.

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