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spanish hours

Spanish hours are longer than British hours. My rough guess is that the average Spanish hour lasts 90-100 minutes while the British ones stay firmly at 60 minutes or less. This means that when I am on holiday I can fit a lot more into my day than when I am at home and still get a good ten hours sleep at night - marvellous.

Take Tuesday morning for example. On Tuesday I woke up in the countryside, drove to the nearest city (Tarragona, where Pontius Pilate went after washing his hands of things on the other side of the Mediterranean), took a few snaps of the cathedral, visited a friend's new apartment, went to the market to buy fresh fish and fruit and had a short walk along the rambla. On the way home we stopped in a village to buy fresh pastries, which we then enjoyed with a cup of coffee on the terrace. Then I had a swim, a long bask in the sunshine, I helped make a paella and then sat down for lunch at about 2pm.

This morning, back in Blighty, I got up, had a cup of coffee, cleaned out the cat's loo, had a chat with my sister, got on a bus to Pimlico and by then it was time for lunch. So there we have it. Spanish hours stretch further than British ones.


Brian Sibley said…
Sounds totally possible to me, but do you happen to know if this works all year round or if it's just a summer-thing? Or, of course, it might be more complex than that and have something to do with the total absence of cat's loos, sisters and buses to Pimlico in Spain...

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