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the longest day

Yesterday was the longest day. In so many many ways. I was woken (before the Today programme had even started!) by a police helicopter hovering about two feet above my head for hours. Then, when I went downstairs to make some tea I was greeted by several mounds of cat sick which would have put Mount Snowdon to shame. Then to work and a day of tetchiness and one very long meeting in an airless and windowless room. Then a traffic jam all the way home which included being cut up twice by hoppa buses. Then there was no appealing food in the house, so I ordered an Indian takeaway.

Then, finally I sat down in front of Big Brother with my dinner and the phone went and as I reached for it I caught my arm on something and dropped the phone in my chicken dopiaza. So from now on all my phone calls will be made through the medium of a medium hot curry.

Then I went to bed and realised that days will start getting shorter from now on even though it feels that summer has not really started. And all day long I couldn't get the music of the new Becks ad out of my head... and as advertising goes I'm pretty sure that one isn't aimed at me.


Brian Sibley said…
Happily, however, the shorter the days the less opportunity for such a miasma of mishaps to occur - unless, of course, you can't sleep as well...

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