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no comment

It's way past my bedtime, I've spent most of the day on motorways to and from Birmingham and I have a miilion things to do tomorrow but I might as well start my blog tonight. Brian thinks it's a good idea. Fred thinks blogs are for sad and wretched individuals who have nothing better to do with their sad and wretched lives.

So I am starting my blog.

I'm listening to Counting Crows and it's raining.


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This morning this was a blue-painted wall which collapsed in less than two minutes in two almighty thumps revealing all this lovely lath and plaster work. This surely hasn't been seen since 1879 when the house was built and is a rather beautiful piece of handiwork. Sadly it will all be stripped out and replaced tomorrow with something less interesting and which probably won't last nearly as long.... but I am reliably told it has to be done.
And me and the builder are listening mainly to The Silver Seas.

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