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release ai weiwei pt 2

So... I've been told off for being too cryptic with my last blog post. My point is simply that one of the world's greatest contemporary artists and activists was arrested in China on April 3 and that is Wrong. We all know his work - he conceived and then pulled away from the wonderful Bird's Nest Stadium for the Beijing Olympics. He created the Sunflower Seeds installation (below) at the Tate. And his Circle of Animals are currently on view in the courtyard at Somerset House - where I took these pics on Monday.

There's lots more about his on the Guardian page here. So now you know... Hopefully just raising awareness of the wrongness of his arrest can help?


Brian Sibley said…
I didn't really "tell you off"!! But thanks for the links and the fantastic photo of the Tiger about to devour the Rabbit!
polkadotsoph said…
Oooh... I thought it was a bear!

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