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facebook tart

I've sorely neglected this blog lately because, along with the rest of the English Middle Classes, I've become a facebook slut. Now I spend all my spare online time turning friends into vampires, poking people, writing worthless comments, joining pointless groups and, best of all, getting back in contact with friends and colleagues around the world. I wonder how long it will last..? I gave this blog a year and it lasted longer than that (just) but facebook is certainly more addictive and more fascinating since I still don't have a clue how they make any money out of it. I for one have never clicked on an ad in it... but it's going to be huge.

And today I am mostly listening to Ali Farke Toure.


Steve Middleton said…
Hi fellow Archers fan. I'm currently doing a blog poll on the Kathy dilemma
David Weeks said…
Come back to Blogger Soph ~ I can't get to grips with face book and its myriad byways and avenues of exploration. blogs are far more considered ~ I think.

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