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short films

To Bafta on Friday to see all the winning and shortlisted shorts and animations from this year's awards. Like all these showcase-y things it was a really mixed bag which confirmed my opinion that like websites, short films are usually more fun to make than to watch...

Yet one has haunted me for the whole weekend - Corinna Faith's almost unbearably moving drama Care. Small, simple, totally true and uncompromising it features an extraordinary performance by Peter Vaughan. Even in his chiselled old age he has an air of menace about him. Brilliant.


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uncovering old lath and plaster

This morning this was a blue-painted wall which collapsed in less than two minutes in two almighty thumps revealing all this lovely lath and plaster work. This surely hasn't been seen since 1879 when the house was built and is a rather beautiful piece of handiwork. Sadly it will all be stripped out and replaced tomorrow with something less interesting and which probably won't last nearly as long.... but I am reliably told it has to be done.
And me and the builder are listening mainly to The Silver Seas.

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I can't draw... plus I don't think there are pencils in the house any more so I have been playing with some photos and the PhotoSketcher app and these are the results. Who needs to draw now eh?