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ken russell

gawd bless him and all who sail with him. He looks so very lost in the Big Brother house.


Ian said…
I found myself getting quite angry when I caught this last night. This is the man who made "The Devils", "Women in Love", "Tommy" and "Lizstomania" for goodness sake. He was more of a rebel than any of those pathetic wannabe's in the house with him will ever be.

Yet all they did was treat him like a boring old fart who should be in an old people's home.

You know something's wrong when the likes of Ian H think he's been "brave" in coming out (or that it might be news who didn't spot him as "the obligatory gay member" within five seconds of first seeing Steps perform).

Personally I'm hoping he gets voted out early so I can have my evenings back - he's the ONLY reason I'm watching Celeb Big Brother right now, and it's sad to see him being so modest about his past movies as if nobody could be expected to remember them or him.
polkadotsoph said…
I agree completely - but he knows what he is doing adn I read in one of the papers today that he sees this as being rather like when he was in the Navy and confined in a small space with a bunch of sado-masochists.

My hope is that he will do something surprising... or better still... really dark. happy New Year by the way.
Ian said…
Well it looks like you got your surprise, as he's walked out of the house.

It does sound like he's been the one at fault, but I guess we'll have to wait to see the footage to see who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

I must say if I'd got to spend more than 5 minutes with Jade Goody's mother (or 10 minutes with Jade) I think I'd have walked too!

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