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day 793 in the big brother house...

Only seven more days to go and then I'll get my life back. Thank goodness.... the washing is really beginning to pile up. I'm so glad Nikki's back in and so, clearly is Pete. Pete to win though.


Ian said…
I missed it last night and will miss the final (unless the airport situation is so bad that I decide not to travel), but think that re-introducing four of the evicted house-mates was a real cheat.

The return of "Horse face Grace" just reminded me of why I dislike the program (even though I've been hooked).

Many seem to think that whiny, spoilt brat Nicky will win it over Pete, who has been rather dull for the last few weeks.

I predict the Communards suddenly reforming and releasing a "cover version" with Pete on drums :(
Brian Sibley said…
You are Lost Soul! Let them go, Polkadot! They will survive without you! ;-)

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