Thursday, May 21, 2009

now we are three

brian reminded me the other day that our blogs are now three years old and he's blogged gazillions of times (sometimes two or three times a day!). I momentarily felt guilty about the paltry number of entries here (particularly because I am always harpying on at work on how blogs must be regularly updated) but I'm over it already.

Have given the blog a facelift (philadelphus from my garden if you're interested) and a couple of new entries and that will probably be it until July.

Am listening to Iron and Wine - v. summery.

duck islands for all

Am thoroughly enjoying the continuing discomfiture of MPs but one story in particular has reminded me of something that has been bothering me for a long time...

If we can build duck islands for our feathered friends why can't we build something slightly bigger for polar bears and walrus in the arctic..? I can hardly bear (no pun intended) to watch wildlife documentaries showing exhausted polar bears swimming for miles in search of food and safety.. So why can't we populate the northern seas with a series of rafts and man-made islands to replace the ice? There might be a project somewhere to do this but a cursory google search hasn't yielded much so far.

Am listening to Joanna Lumley on pm - when she does that warcry it really is quite scary. No wonder Gordon Brown caved in.